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Reclamation Help

Requesting an Account

To request an account, click the Reclamation/Scrap Recovery Register link.

This screen allows you to send an email to the Reclamation group. Please include your company's name, your name, email address, and phone number. The Reclamation group will contact you to get the rest of the required information to evaluatate your request.

If Reclamation approves your request, you will receive an email notice with your login id and initial password.

You may change the default login id and password once Reclamation activates your account.

Logging in

To log in to your reclamation account, click on the Reclamation/Scrap Recovery Login link.

You will see a screen with fields to enter your login id and password. If this is your first login, use the initial password sent to you via the account activation notification. You will be taken to the account management screen and required to pick a new password.

If you have forgotten your password you may request a new one be sent to your registered business email via the Reclamation/Scrap Recovery Send my password in email link.

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the Reclamation/Scrap Recovery My Auctions screen. This screen lets you review and place bids on auctions in your assigned distributions.

Account Management

You may view your account information and update your login id and password via the Reclamation/Scrap Recovery Manage Account link.

Viewing Auctions

The Reclamation/Scrap Recovery My Auctions screen displays a list of the currently-active reclamation auctions (often referred to as bids) in your assigned distributions. The screen also lists auctions where you have placed a bid and the auction has closed, but where Reclamation has not yet assigned a winner. Once a winner has been assigned you can view the auction and all bids on the Bid Results screen.

There are two types of auctions, quarterly-bid and spot. The site displays these in two grids on this screen.

There is a link for each auction to let you place your bid for that auction.

You may update your bid on an auction until it ends.

You may not see bids that other companies have input, nor know how many other bids are active. The last bid you input is the one that Reclamation will use.

Placing a Bid

To place a bid, click on the place bid (or update bid) link in the view auctions grid for your desired auction.

The site will then display the Place Bid screen.

You must enter one bid per commodity listed for the auction.

The site calculates an extension for each commodity, which is your bid amount X the commodity amount. This is the total amount you are offering for this commodity. For example if a commodity is listed as 333 lb of aluminum and you bid 1.1123, your extension will be $370.40. The maximum extension is $999,999,999.00. The minimum extension is $.01.

At the bottom of the screen the site lists the total extension for the entire auction, which is all the extensions added together. This is the total amount you are offering for the auction. The maximum total extension is $999,999,999.00.

Before you may place your bid you must also acknowledge the terms and conditions and scrap warranty for reclamation auctions.

Latest Bid Results

You may view the Reclamation auctions ended within the past 100 days via the Reclamation/Scrap Recovery Bid Results screen.

This screen lists general information about the auctions, with a details link to let you see the other bidders on the auction, how much they bid, and which bidder won the auction.